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P L A Y + S L E E P for 3 in 120 sq ft: adding elements of PLAY to a shared space for T H R E E REVE

We are done with Project Three Little Bears and from all the projects we've worked on throughout the years, this one has been the most fun one yet.

We wanted to keep it a surprise for the kids but then thought having everyone involved in the process could be a fun way to make some family memories and this whole place got built.

Ray custom built all the super cool things like the bunkbeds and all of the woodworking pictured (bins, shelves, wooden toys). I helped him plaster the bunkbeds, the boys helped us paint & even made their own triple bunk bed building plans which was the cutest thing ever (but through the plastering, the decluttering, the sanding and the small construction zone this room was, that little building plan somehow got lost. I'm still hoping it turns up. I really want to save it for them because it was possibly the cutest thing we've ever seen. They even used a measuring tape!)

Textile wise I didn't do a ton but I did make the throw pillows and play logs as fun little play items.

We focused on maximizing floor to ceiling space as well as corner areas which allowed main floor space to remain available for free play.

White + natural elements helped us add a lot to 120 sq ft of space without making it feel overloaded or cluttered.

Overall it was a sweet family project & our heart really was to create a place that encouraged imagination, provided fun physical play and overall made the idea of sharing F U N. A place they could build memories together, challenge records of how fast someone could climb as they try to beat each other's scores, build endless forts & where their little friendships with each other would strengthen & grow.

Well, we are so excited to be done and have a place where all three kiddos can sleep and play! Also, a place where Ray & I can escape to when adulting is hard and want to be a kid again- So yay!

Here's a few images- hope you enjoy!




Square Wooden Toy Bins

Wooden Log Side Table

Floating bookshelves

Plush Play Logs

Snowcapped Wooden Mountain


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