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A CLOSET + NURSERY IN ONE REVEAL: how we added a nursery into a master closet without losing storage

Closet nurseries have been a concept recently introduced to us. We’ve been fascinated by this idea and have admired the smart use of space.

Baby is close to mom and dad •Baby has their own space •This concept utilizes space mom and dad already have so there’s no need for a bigger house.

It’s really pretty genius. We loved idea so much that we decided if we ever get pregnant again, we would give it a try. And funny enough not long after, we found out we were pregnant with #4!! Biggest priority with this 50 sq ft nursery was to make it a multifunctional space for mom, dad AND baby. We didn’t just want to transform the master closet into a nursery but we wanted the closet to continue acting as a closet in the sense of providing clothing and shoe storage for us as mom and dad. After all, small homes need all the storage space they can get!





At one end of the room, we placed crib for baby. Crib expands as baby grows but continues to fit within this space which was a bonus as most space saving cribs stay pretty small.


Since storage was a huge priority, homemade canvas bins placed on floating shelves were made. These

hold clothing and garments baby will grow into the future since babies jump from size to size very quickly.

Then for delicate baby items like rompers and sweaters, a DIY driftwood clothing rack suspended from shelves was installed for extra storage.

Comfort was essential too so on the other end of space a place to read and nurse baby was created.

Reading shelves hold favorite books and toys

And rocking chair created a quiet space for late night feedings

For a table, an upside down umbrella stand functions as a small side table

And a small child's stool serves as an extra table as well as footstool for rocking chair

The stool’s size allows it to be remain against wall when not in use for easy wardrobe access.


Then for storage for mom and dad, end to end wardrobes were installed along the back wall. A built in dresser was designed within wardrobe to hold mom and dad's foldables like pj's, tees and workout clothes.

& on top of that dresser baby's changing table was placed

Baskets hold baby changing essentials for all changing needs and garment rod above provides extra storage for hanging clothes

At the end of wardrobe is an open closet just for baby. This section was created for items that that baby currently wears and need to be on hand

and at a slide of a door, more of mom and dad’s clothing hangs

Shoe storage was needed as well so above each rod within wall to wall wardrobe, shelves for mom and dad’s

shoes were installed

Then to make space bright and airy, natural elements like a macrame plant holder on one end of room was placed to allow the feeling of outside to come in

And a wallpapered mural featuring oversized flowers warms up the room

Well, hope you enjoyed! We believe that long gone are the days where you need a big house to welcome home baby. There’s so many nursery options nowadays & no matter what situation you find yourself in, even the smallest of your spaces can work!


Ray & Karla


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