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DIY Throw Pillow Covers (with Zipper)

Materials Needed:

26" x 20" piece of fabric (or enough fabric to make (2) 13x20 rectangles)

15" zipper

Matching Thread



Seam Ripper



Sewing Machine

Serger (if you don't have a serger, you can use zig zag stitch on your sewing machine)


Covers are made to fit a 12x20 pillow insert.

Sewing Terms:

"Right sides together"- Means the right sides of the fabric will be laying together. This is the way most seams are sewn so the seam is on the wrong side of the fabric. Assume that the fabrics will always be right-side-together unless otherwise specified.

"Finish Seam"- A seam finish is a treatment that secures and neatens the raw edges of a plain seam to prevent raveling, by sewing over the raw edges or enclosing them in some sort of binding. Using a serger over a seam finishes the seam, as well as stitching a seam using a zig zag stitch.

"Backstitch"- a stitch sewn one stitch length backward on the front side and two stitch lengths forward on the reverse side to form a solid line of stitching on both sides.

Step 1:

Grab your fabric and Cut (2) 13x20 rectangles

Step 2: Starting with one of your rectangles, use your serger (or zig zag stitch on sewing machine) to finish one 20" seam.

(this is where zipper will go)

-Repeat on second piece of fabric.

Step 3:

Match both pieces of fabric, (right sides together), making sure finished seams align:

& pin together.

Step 4:

Grab your zipper and finish seams closest to Pull Tab, using serger or zig zag stitch.

(This makes sewing zipper on a lot easier)

Step 5:

Take your fabric, and using a sewing pencil, make a mark 2.5" from each end.

(This will be a guide that shows you where zipper starts and zipper ends)

Step 6:

Set your stitch length on machine to the smallest length possible (on my machine it is 0.8)

Sew a straight line (leaving 6/8" seam allowance) until you hit pencil mark, making sure to

backstitch at mark.

Step 7:

Change stitch length on sewing machine to widest length possible (this is a 5.0 on my machine) and sew all the way to next pencil mark.

Step 8:

Once you hit your last pencil mark, set stitch length back to smallest length possible (back to 0.8 on my machine) backstitching at first, and finish sewing straight line all the way to the end.

Step 9:

With right sides of fabric facing down, open flaps where zipper will go and iron.

Step 10:

Using your pencil marks as a guide, Pin zipper to flaps, having beginning of zipper align with one mark and end of zipper align with the other.

Step 11:

Turn pillow to the opposite side (right side up) & using your zipper foot-

start sewing zipper unto fabric, leaving 1/4" seam around zipper.

(Make sure to remove pins prior to needle going through to prevent sewing needle from breaking)

Step 12:

Using your seam ripper, rip all stitches of center seam and pull out loose threads.

Step 13:

With right sides together, match outer edges of pillow together

& finish outer seams using a serger or zig zag stitch on your sewing machine.

Step 14:

Turn pillow right side out & you are done!!


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