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DIY Copper + Wood Garment Rack

So if you guys checked out our 3 Workspaces in 110 sq ft post, you know that Karla asked me to build her 2 garment racks for her textile studio. Not only did she need extra storage, but she specifically needed storage that could double in use inside studio as well as during her seasonal shows.

Studio wise, she came up with the idea of lining an entire wall of the studio with garment rack & was inspired by the picture above found via Pinterest. The racks would serve as extra storage within studio but also double in use as portable hanging racks that would display pieces during her seasonal shows.

I took the picture she gave me and made it my own and I am excited to share with you my own version, using wood as the platform.

Please read directions thoroughly and comment below in comment section

if you have any questions prior to getting started.

Shopping List:

1- 3/4" Copper Pipe at 10'

1- 3/4" Copper Pipe at 4'

2- 3/4" x 1" Copper Threaded Adapter Fittings

2- 1" Galvanized Floor Flanges (you will paint the flanges with copper paint)

2- 3/4" x 3/4" 90 degree Copper Slip Elbow Fitting

4- 2" Swivel Grey Wheel with Brake

Copper Paint


1- Utility Shelving Board 1 in. x 12 in. x 8 ft.



Dimensions: 60" W x 12"D x 59.5" H

Aprox Cost: $150


Measuring Tape

Compound Miter Saw


3/32 Drill Bit



Cut Off Tool


Face Mask

Cut List:

1- 1 in. x 12 in. @ 5 ft

(I cut my board according to the cut list above using a compound miter saw. You could also have your local home improvement store cut your board for you. Good straight end cuts are very important.)

General Instructions:

Please read through the entire plan before beginning this project. Take all necessary precautions to build safely and smartly. Always wear safety glasses and work on a clean level surface, free of imperfections or debris. Always use straight boards. Check for square after each step. Always pre-drill holes before attaching with screws.

Work safely, enjoy, and ask for assistance if you need it. Good luck!

Step 1 Instructions:

Paint Floor Flanges with copper paint.

Step 2 Instructions:

Grab your 10' copper pipe and cut pipe exactly in half using your cut off tool.

This will leave you with (2) 5ft pipes.

Step 3 Instructions:

Place Floor Flange on top of board & grab measuring tape to measure front, back and side.

Front and back of board should measure 3 3/4 inches-

And outer sides of board should measure 2 1/2 inches-

(images above were taken before flanges were painted copper. Be sure flanges have

already been painted and are fully dry prior to moving to Step 4)

Step 4 Instructions:

Mark your pilot holes using a pen and then drill them-

Step 5 Instructions:

Grab the 2 threaded adapter fittings and screw into flanges.

Using your screwdriver, screw flange in place.

Step 6 Instructions:

Flip board over and place swivel grey wheel flush with the outer edge.

Mark holes to pre-drill in place & Drill your pilot holes.

Using your screwdriver, screw swivel grey wheels in place-

Repeat for all 4 wheels.

Step 7 Instructions:

Take the epoxy and fully read instructions on how to mix and apply.

Flip board back over & place epoxy in a plastic cup-

Working quickly, place a small amount of epoxy inside the threaded adapter fittings (this is to prevent copper pipe from coming off once installed)-

and place one of the two 5 ft. pipes inside.

Repeat on other side-

Step 8 Instructions:

Grab your slip elbow fittings and remaining copper pipe-

& place a dab of epoxy inside each elbow-

Connect elbows to installed 5 ft copper pipes-

& connect remaining 4 ft pipe to elbows-

Wait indicated amount of time for epoxy to dry per instructions indicated on epoxy label.

& you are done!

Congrats on building a copper garment rack.



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