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DIY Basket Light

Shopping List:

Basket with easy-to-remove handles (we purchased ours here)

(**easy-to-remove handles constitute as handles that have been wrapped & tied

around rim of basket and not integrated as part of original weaving of the basket**)

Electrical Ceiling Kit (we purchased ours here)

Aprox. Cost: $50


Hot Glue Gun

Hot Glue Sticks

Heavy Duty Pair of Scissors

Power Drill


General Instructions:

Step 1: Using your heavy duty scissors or a cutting tool, carefully remove handles from basket

Step 2:

Once handles have been completely removed, flip basket upside down and draw an outline of the light socket using marker.

Step 3: Using hot glue gun, place a thick bead of glue around the outside of your circle. This ensures that the basket holds together even if you cut an important strand of the weaving.

Step 4:

Once your glue is dry go ahead and drill a few holes along the edge of the circle you drew. This makes it easier to cut out the rest of the circle with your cutting tool leaving you with a 1.5" hole. Your hole does not have to be pretty (see our pics).

Step 5:

Take your electrical ceiling kit

and insert lightbulb socket through 1.5" hole and secure with lock washer.

Use a certified electrician to install light unto ceiling, add your glass bulb and you are done!

Congrats on making a basket ceiling light!!

Ray & Karla


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