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An Organized Mudroom REVEAL

Well, little by little we're making this small home functional & we are so excited our mudroom is finally done!!

Our goal in this space was to:

1. Add storage.

2. Give each child a place for backpacks + items for school to free a bit more of their room.

3. Maximize organization by creating places for us to place keys, wallets and coats in a way that did not make this space feel cluttered.

We started out with grey walls which in conjunction with the floors,

made the entryway look dark and a lot smaller than it really was-

A wall of hooks did not work at all, since once items were hung, it just felt like you were walking straight into a cluttered and messy home- ahhh! so we got rid of those and got to painting.

We are all about making small spaces appear bigger than they are, so we decided to brighten the whole place up with one of our favorite shades of white:

Sherwin Williams' 'Alabaster'

& found these awesome lockers at a Garage Sale Site to use for storage-

We loved how they provided a way to store all of the items we needed to store, like backpacks and coats and such, without making them visible to everyone.

We made the sides and front uniform in color using a matte, sage spray paint we found at

our local home improvement store-

And since the inside of each locker only contained one hook & we wanted each compartment to be multi functional, Ray found these heavy duty magnetic hooks-

that could hold coats and extra items to the inside of each locker wall.

For keys, wallets and loose change we found the perfect

magnetic organizer to place on the inside of each door-

which solved small item organization + storage.

Shoes were next and for shoes, we not only wanted a basket for the boys to throw shoes in, but we also wanted a small entryway bench we could sit down on & put our shoes on.

We found the most amazing image of a leather + wood bench via Shelley from Restored Haven Design and were quickly inspired to make a similar bench of our own.

Ray used 100 yr old wood, previously used as flooring in an old Factory in Alabama-

and we found the most perfect shade of leather to use as decorative bench straps

(all inspired by Shelley!)

We added other items like a basket on top of the lockers, an entryway rug and two coat hooks

for hats and scarves & mudroom was done!!





Well, that's it! Hope you enjoyed it!

A huge thank you to Shelley from Restored Haven Design for always inspiring us and for the idea to create that bench! Be sure to check her out and to let us know what you think in the comments below!


Karla & Ray



DIY Projects:

Wood + Leather Bench

Lockers (Garage Sale Find + Sage Paint)


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