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SMALL SPACE LIVING WITH BABIES: our favorite space saving baby products that go great with any decor

We all know those first years with little ones are accompanied by an immense amount of STUFF and being that stuff + small spaces don't mix well, we are excited to share not only our favorite space saving baby products that we've found over the past few months but the ones that blend best within your home!

From Cribs to changing tables to collapsible bouncers, it is amazing to see the amount of small space friendly selection there is nowadays! and not just small space friendly, but design friendly as well. From natural woods, to whites to visually appealing designs, long gone are the days where bright, loud bulky baby products were the only options for our home.

Some have come home with us as we worked on turning our master closet into the nursery for baby #4. Some we just admired from afar for their functionality and ingenuity.

We've listed all of our favorite options below, so whether you are a minimalist, a small space lover or just curious on how these small space families do it, check our favorites below!



(shown in the newborn-6mo setting via Sarah Sherman Samuel)

The Stokke Sleepi is our favorite. Not only is it beautiful in design, but with added attachments, it has the ability to grow with baby!

(shown in the toddler 18mo-3yr setting via JDK Interiors)

(shown in the Junior 3yr-10yr setting via Project Nursery)

The "mini" version is so small, it literally fits in the smallest of spaces allowing small

home dwellers to make a nursery out of just about any space, like this closet turned

nursery nook space by Sarah Sherman Samuel-

Then as the baby gets bigger, so does the crib through added attachments and there is no need for a separate toddler bed or even a child's bed because it just continues growing.

The casters on the bottom of the crib also stood out to us

as they allow the crib to be moved around the house,

image via Pinterest

making it perfect for those 2-in-1 rooms (think office/nursery space!)

*With all the attachments, this crib is a bit of a splurge but super space efficient when it comes to small apartments and tight spaces. We bought ours as the mini bundle first (since we really needed that smallest version for her tiny nursery) and then purchased the extension kit when she outgrew the mini. It is such a cute crib and really what allowed us to convert our closet into her nursery because the fit was perfect and traditional cribs would not have fit.

Our second favorite crib was the Bloom Alma Mini (which is by far the most popular choice when it comes to small space cribs.)

The Bloom Alma is more affordable than other space saving cribs in the market and its foldable feature make it a great solution not only for storage but for travel as well.

Here is a little video that shows different features of the Bloom Alma Mini Crib:



Changing tables for small spaces were hard. Most we found were bulky and occupied too much space for those living out of a small home but after a good bit of searching, we were able to find some solutions we became excited about!

At the top of our list came the R O B A. Smart in design and functionality the R O B A is our favorite due to the fact that it suspends from the wall! I mean, talk about space saving! A latch holds it closed and upon opening not only is there a changing table right before your very eyes but shelves within the table allow you to store diapers, wipes and essential baby needs (& all from the wall!!)

Being that it is a European brand, we had a hard time finding a place to purchase in the U.S.A but Ebay did not disappoint and we were able to find a few retailers that carried this brand.

The Keekaroo Peanut Changer is another great option. Being that it is a mat, all you need is a surface to place it on and you have yourself a diaper changing station.

This is great to place on existing dressers, tables or even to store under a bed and take out when needed.



So for bouncers the Baby Bjorn Balance Soft came at the top of our list due to how collapsible it was.

It's small enough to fit in a suitcase, allowing us to take it with us on travels, yet big enough to transition into a toddler chair which we loved!

The fact that it collapses flat also is great for small spaces as it can be stored away when not in use.

The color is neutral, making it easy to go with just about any decor and the cover slips right off for easy washing which is a must for us with any baby product.

We'd actually been eyeing this one for quite some time based solely on the fact that it is so great for traveling families & families on-the-go so we purchased this one and it goes with us wherever we go!

The BabyHome Wave Rocker is just beautiful. Its wooden frame options allow you to choose which finish goes best with your home and its foldable feature allow for easy storage when not in use.

View all features in this video by BabyHome:



We looked at a lot of bathtubs in the market and the Puj Compact Flyte was the one we ended up going with. What we loved about this bathtub is again, how collapsible it was and how easy it folded up. It fits in most standard sinks and no part of the sink itself touches the baby which we loved.

Being that we knew we would be traveling a lot in Penelope's early months, we really wanted

something simple that we could take with us,

as well as something that wouldn't occupy a lot of space in our current home.

Special hooks allow it to fold flat on a wall when not in use & its neutral colors go great with any decor.

Images via Stokke

The Stokke Flexibath was another option we considered. What we loved about this bathtub is again, how collapsible it was but also how neutral it was in design.

The bathtub grows with baby, giving this baby product many years of use, and its foldable feature make it great for small bathrooms and spaces!

Well, hope you enjoyed some of our favorite small space friendly options for baby! We believe that with a little creativity and the right pieces, even the smallest of spaces can work to welcome little ones home!




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